Monday, 30 November 2009

Scratching around

Sunny but cold breeze. Dug over rest of the bed that's going to be home to this year's Broad Beans but the ground was a bit to wet to sow them. The rest of that bed still has the Rainbow Chard growing, picked a handfull for tea. Also cleared the old Runner Bean, Sweetcorn and Peas back. Onions and Shallots are doing fine as are the winter brassicas. Still harvesting Parsnips. The Spinich in the greenhouse has failled and I think there might be a mouse living in there from the burrowing I could see. The water butt is leaking again but that's not a major problem with all the rain we've been getting. The Leaks need weeding and I still want to sort all the paths out. So much to do!

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