Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wow I really got into blogging! Well it's spring and that has mostly meant dig dig dig! And boy have I dug. Pulled out barrow gulls of weeds and replaced them with broad beans, peas and potatoes. At home I've got my tender crops off to a flying start at the beginning of feb and have just potted them on and darted the Harding off process! Got to stop now, might even post again this year! bye bye

Monday, 30 November 2009

Scratching around

Sunny but cold breeze. Dug over rest of the bed that's going to be home to this year's Broad Beans but the ground was a bit to wet to sow them. The rest of that bed still has the Rainbow Chard growing, picked a handfull for tea. Also cleared the old Runner Bean, Sweetcorn and Peas back. Onions and Shallots are doing fine as are the winter brassicas. Still harvesting Parsnips. The Spinich in the greenhouse has failled and I think there might be a mouse living in there from the burrowing I could see. The water butt is leaking again but that's not a major problem with all the rain we've been getting. The Leaks need weeding and I still want to sort all the paths out. So much to do!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

All these things that I have grown...

I've got veg but I'm not a vegetarian!

This was the haul from the plot during summer 2008. There was a few blissfull weeks when all that was on our plate came from the plot...

Allotment Envy on Plot 69

I don't know what it is about growing vegtables but it just gets me going... So much so that I feel the need to share my passion with anyone who happens to wander across my path.

I started growing a few tomatos in a pot about 5 years ago, since then I've got myself a bit carried away and now find myself with a 'medium' sized allotment plot in Bower Ashton, Bristol. This is my second full summer on the plot and being a youngish fella in gainful employment I find myself in a constant battle with nature to keep the weeds at bay, the pigeons off the brassicas and the snails and slugs away from everything! Not that I mind, you've got to be a bit philosophical about it and as my good lady reminds me, it's supposed to be a hobby...